PC Eval Consulting, LLC is an independent consulting firm that specializes in providing a full cadre of evaluation services to non-profit organizations, public health research organizations, local, state and federal partners and other firms.

In an era of shrinking funds allocated for public health prevention and treatment, it is imperative that organizations become efficient and effective in managing their resources. Evaluation can determine where your resources should be best utilized. Are your programs making a difference?

We will work collaboratively with you to:

Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Programs

show what is working or what is not working

Assess if your programs are being implemented with fidelity

Show Impact for your programs

improve your existing programs

As an Evaluator and Consultant, I collect and analyze the data and seek solutions to problems. Our approach involves using the data to guide and inform decision-making.



Patryce Curtis is the owner of PC Eval Consulting, LLC and has provided evaluation services for over 15 years in the non-profit, government and private sectors.  She furthered her career by obtaining a Master’s Degree in Health Care Policy & Administration which led to a change to public health research.  Additionally, she has provided project management services to other firms.

Patryce is skilled in the use of both quantitative and qualitative methods to evaluate programs and information systems. Additionally, she is skilled in project management, workgroup, interview and focus group facilitation, survey/questionnaire design, report writing, protocol development, literature review and summary, publication development, data collection and analysis, and training and technical assistance.


As a former Research Scientist with a background in Biology, Patryce was accustomed to scientific inquiry and investigation. A Master’s degree in Health Care Policy & Administration led to a change to public health research. Her love for evaluation grew from experiences in working in diverse environments and with diverse populations. She has worked on a myriad of projects from HIV/AIDS to transportation.


Personally, Patryce is inquisitive by nature and interested in knowing why people think and behave in a certain way. She likes to hear their views on different subjects. In addition, she is analytical and likes to solve problems. Her philosophy in life, “Don’t focus on the problem but let’s find a solution to the problem!”



PC Eval Consulting, LLC is committed to assisting non-profit organizations, public health research firms and other organizations in the development, implementation, evaluation and analysis of their programs. We are passionate about helping organizations achieve their goals and sustain their programs.

Our Clients Say


PC Eval Consulting offers the following services to its clients.

What We Offer

Program Evaluation

Survey Design / Administration

Focus Group Moderation

Interview / Workgroup Facilitation

Needs Assessment


Training / Technical Assistance

Field Data Collection

Literature review and environmental scan

Protocol Development

Site Visits

Project Management

Report Writing

Data Analysis

What We Do

We will develop an evaluation strategy and/or plan that fits with your program’s goals and objectives.
• Conduct a review of your existing documents to include strategic plan, program overview, business plan and other requested items
• Develop or revise your program documents, theory of change, and logic model
• Determine your evaluation questions and methodology
• Develop data collection tools and/or instruments (e.g., surveys, interview and focus group guides, metrics tracking, etc.)
• Develop data collection plan and timeline
• Develop evaluation plan
• Train staff or volunteers to implement the evaluation
• Schedule pre/planning meetings to solidify evaluation activities
We will develop a strategy for data collection based on your program’s timeline and priorities.
• Extract data from program documents
• Collect, capture, and analyze information (e.g., focus groups, interviews, observations, surveys, literature reviews, environmental scans)
We will conduct an on-going assessment of your program and provide consistent reporting of results.
• Conduct a statistical analysis and interpretation of data
• Develop reports on findings
• Provide recommendations for improvement
• Schedule on-going meetings to discuss results
For the client who does not need a full evaluation, we offer the following a la carte evaluation services:
• Survey design, administration, and analysis
• Design of Tools/Instruments for Qualitative Data Collection (e.g., Interview and Focus Group Guides, Observation Forms)
• Interview and Focus Group Moderation
• Qualitative data analysis (e.g., interviews, focus groups)
• Report Writing
• Fidelity of Implementation Assessment
• Literature reviews and environmental scans
• Logic Model and Theory of Change development
• Analysis of existing data and datasets
• Evaluation Training and Coaching
• Review and feedback on evaluation plans
Want something that’s not on this list? Send us an email or give us a call.


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