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PC Eval Consulting collects and analyzes data to seek solutions to problems. Our strategy involves using several program evaluation approaches and/or methodologies to guide and inform decision-making to ensure that your programs are meeting expectations, being implemented as planned and within your budget, and performance goals are being achieved. We strive to provide the highest level of cultural competency and academic rigor to our evaluation efforts. We deliver high quality work products every time and work collaboratively to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your programs.
PC Eval Consulting believes in a collaborative approach in working with clients and other stakeholders.

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We will work collaboratively with you to:

PC Eval Consulting, LLC collects and analyzes data to seek solutions to problems. Our approach involves using the data to guide and inform decision-making.
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    Evaluate the effectiveness of your programs

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    Show what is working or what is not working

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    Assess if your programs are being implemented with fidelity

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    Show impact for your programs

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    Improve your existing programs

PC Eval Consulting

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PC Eval Consulting, LLC offers a range of services to its clients. We provide program evaluation and project management services to nonprofits, state, local and federal governments, and other firms. We offer the following services to our clients:
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